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Association of the Trade Press Publishers

Trade Publishing
"Sin a qua non for Industrial Life"


Trade Publishing has a significant impact over the structural development of an industry. Starting from the second half of 1980s, Trade Publishing has increased its activities and effectiveness in Turkey, which made each trade periodical an outstanding source of information both in terms of commercial and technical matters. In accordance with decentralized multi-level industrial development coupled with the progress in paper and printing industry and the electronic publishing, increasing accessibility to knowledge brought writers, scholars and photographers available to impart this formerly tacit knowledge. In line with the development of industrial life and accessibility to new source of information, thousands of books, reports and catalogs were published; and today Trade Publishing Houses serve as an information center. The direct contact with thousands of people, not only provides them strong voice in the relevant industries, but also provides easy access to knowledge about the latest developments. Thus, it is clear that Trade Publishing is one of the main arcs of industrial life to develop. 

Considering these factors, Trade Publishing Association(SEYAD) was founded in 2000 to strengthen the structure and operation of Trade Publishing houses.


Association of Trade Press Publishers—SEYAD

Key Facts:

* 23 Trade Publishing House; with 74 Periodicals.
* Circulation Rate for all Periodicals is 347.900 in total.
* Provides a Platform for Cooperation among Sectoral Publishers and creates the framework for joint action to be taken.
* Determines the business ethics and principles in Trade Publishing and defines rights and freedoms for sectoral publishers and Journalists.
* Issues press cards for journalists working in member Trade Publishing houses.
* Organizes Working Commissions on Education, International Relations and Promotion, Member Development and Activities.
* Defines rules and regulations to become a member.

* To define Rules and Regulations of Trade Publishing as a Profession in Turkey and to keep their enforcement.
* To define Standards for Trade Publishing in Turkey.
* To represent Sectoral Publisher’s before third parties and all relevant national/international platforms
* To analyze similarities and differences between Trade Publishing and other Publishing Types.
* To address the needs of people who work for, do business with, or follow the periodicals of Trade Publishing Houses in Turkey.
* To promote Trade Publishing in terms of its social and economic benefits through seminars, panels and to serve for its structural development.
* To create a platform for launching sector specific courses, training activities, seminars and vocational courses and to provide affective allocation of resources for such events.
* To create a platform for conducting market research, developing organizational structure and to improve distribution channels for Trade Press Publications where joint action is necessary and effective.
* To create subcommittees among groups who have similar publishing areas and to contribute to the improvement in the field and to provide commission recommendations for relevant issues.
* To translate relevant documentation and to provide necessary contributions for the development of the literature in below mentioned sectors:

Sectors under the umbrella of SEYAD
* Packaging
* White Goods and domestic appliances
* Environment
* Electric-Electronic Automation Sector
* Energy
* Shipbuilding
* Food
* Building
* Chemistry
* Logistics - transport
* Printing
* Furniture sub-industry and accessories and decoration
* Automotive key and sub-industry
* Retail
* Plastic
* Health beauty culture
* Agriculture
* Textile-Fashion
* HVAC Technologies
* Tourism